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Stem Cells Contain the Body's Immortal DNA

Stem Cell Nutrition can:

  • Get rid of pain
  • Help with poor eyesight
  • Eliminate Migraines
  • Return blood pressure to normal
  • Help overcome diabetes
  • Eliminate Parkinson's Symptoms
  • Improve lung function
  • Heal muscle damage
  • Conquer arthritic pain
  • Eliminate fear and anxiety
  • Help heal animals
  • And much more!

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M.D.'s Stroke Effects Reversed

David Darbro, M.D. spent the first fifteen years of his career as a specialist in family medicine. The following twenty-five years he devoted to practicing what he calls wellness medicine, that emerging paradigm focused on finding and treating the causes of health problems, not just treating symptoms.

Research shows that stem cells do more than make blood cells. These master cells can actually replace any damaged, sick, or worn out cells in the body. This process means that the source of good health is within us.

The truth of this hit home when I suffered a stroke which affected my left middle cerebral artery, changing my life dramatically. The speech center of my brain was damaged, causing my speech to sound like gibberish. I could not process or understand what others said to me, and I experienced a delay in responding.

The entire right side of my body was affected. I also suffered from atrial fibrillation... I began taking two capsules of stem cell nutrition every four hours, and within a day, I began to climb out of the pit of despair.

Soon, I felt like my old self again. Tests showed a lessening of my depression and an appreciable improvement in my short term memory. Eventually, the stem cell nutrition helped me regain normal speech, except for an occasional slurred word...

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